Hackathon Project • 4 minute read



Felix, Filbert, Lucia, Kevin


Dubhacks 2021


24 hours


Figma, Firebase, React Redux

Due to time and development limitations, we were unable to finish this project in time for submission during Dubhacks 2021 :(


Providing a better virtual learning environment for students and teachers.

Resolve is a secure and private online classroom response helper that allows students and teachers to better understand each other— thus providing a more enjoyable and social learning experience. Resolve has an emotion-meter built in to detect the overall mood of the class, as well as an embedded anonymous feature for students to ask questions and convey their emotions.


It all started with our own experience of being a student studying in a pandemic.

The pandemic has made it hard for us students to build emotional connection to our peers and professors. We often feel shy about asking a question in a Zoom room full of hundreds of people, opting to stay quiet in fear of judgement.


The switch to virtual learning made simple interactions between instructors and students... lifeless.

Have you ever feel drained and emotionless by the end of a long Zoom virtual class? Looking at a piece of glass for hours can be draining and depressing— hence, we aim to make this experience better for all of us.


Enter Resolve: an online classroom helper with the focus on anonymity 🔒and emotion 😊

Resolve helps teachers better understand their students’ educational needs, while also providing students a way to learn interactively with their peers with the option to stay anonymous.

Future Implementations

The Process 🌊

MVP Scoping

Limited timeframe means stripping off excess features to create a working barebone product.

To make sure that we are able to make a fully-working prototype in 24 hours, we had to narrow down our MVP down to its very core. This means stripping down ideas that are a bit too complex to develop. Even then, we managed to not finish this.

Design Process

Due to the very limited deadline, I immediately jumped to designing Hi-Fi prototypes to save time.

Since we only had 24 hours to create a fully working MVP, I immediately jumped into making Hi-Fi prototypes in Figma so that I am able to spend the rest of my time helping my teammates setup Repo.

Lessons Learned ✨

Narrow our MVP down further during hackathons!

Create a feasible MVP plan so that the product can be made in time!

Even after extremely narrowing down our MVP to only include the barebones and having simplistic design choices, we didn’t quite make it in the end and didn’t cut it in time for submission. Lesson learned!

You’ve reached the end. Thank you for reading!